iSpeed, the Tenways blackbox you've been waiting for.

Designed to remove the 25 km/h speed limit for your
- Tenways CGO009
- Tenways CGO600 and CGO600 pro
- Tenways CGO800S

“This blackbox removes the speed limitation of your Tenways e-bike. The maximum speed is only limited by engine power”

Speed without the limit

With the iSpeed installed the regional speed limit enforced by the display controller is removed. For all bikes the maximum speed is only limited by the installed mivice motor and controller. For EU delivered bikes with a 25 km/h limit the maximum speed with the M070 motor is around 32 km/h.

Important note: With no limit enforced by the display controller the maximum speed will only be limited by your battery and motor. With a battery charge of 60% or higher all our customers report 32 km/h maximum speed, just be aware that the max speed will drop with a few km/h when your battery charge is below this level.

Legal note

The iSpeed blackbox is not to be used in normal road traffic or in areas regulated by the Road Traffic Act! Use is only permitted on private property. Due to the design of the iSpeed blackbox, it can easily be removed in case your bike needs service which brings your e-bike back in factory condition. However, the use of the iSpeed blackbox is entirely at your own risk and responsibility. The manufacturer accepts no liability for loss of warranty, damage to property and/or persons arising from the use of the product.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I install the iSpeed in my Tenways e-bike? Is it difficult?
    We think the install is simple but check out our manuals and video in the downloads page and see for yourself.

  • Help, my iSpeed box has suddenly stopped working!
    The iSpeed box has a hidden feature, please check the user manual on our downloads page.

  • Can the iSpeed box damage the motor?
    The iSpeed box does not change any motor parameters so the motor is still used on the Mivice M070 max rated power of 250W. The only change made is the limitation on maximum speed. 

  • Will the iSpeed also work on Crivit Urban e-bike?
    Although the crivit is also using the Mivice hardware unfortunately it uses the CAN bus protocol for communication. From our experiments it looks like the max speed is programmed in the motor controller which unfortunately blocks an iSpeed like solution.  

  • Will you ship to other countries?
    We have an extended shipping list of EU and some non EU countries. If your country is not listed feel free to reach out to us. We will see what is possible. For orders for non EU countries no VAT is charged but you will need to pay VAT and any potential import duties on receipt.

  • Is the iSpeed waterproof?
    Rest assured. After assembly and testing, the iSpeed will be filled with an epoxy resin making sure no shocks or moisture can damage the internal components.


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